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Karumai Town is known as one of the leading "towns of grains" in Japan.

As well as being rich in vitamins and minerals

In addition to being expected to have the effect of suppressing aging, it also contains polyphenols.

It is a food that has been popular since ancient times and is currently attracting attention.

​Amaranthus, rolled barley, black soybeans, millet, and barley millet

We offer meals using cereals from Iwate Prefecture.

We hope that it will be an opportunity to incorporate millet into your daily life.

Odagawa​farm millet

The cereals we use are from Odagawa Nouen, headquartered in Karumai-cho.

We use the grains you provide


In the fertile and vast wilderness of Iwate Prefecture, the largest prefecture in Honshu

Minor grains that grow freely and healthily

From the thought that I want you to enjoy it with peace of mind

We use pesticide-free farming

On the official homepage of Odagawa Farm

In addition to the cereals we use at our hotel,

Efforts for cultivating millet and organic rice

You can see the characteristics of each product type.

You can also purchase at the online shop

◯ Odagawa Farm Official Homepage ◯

​ Because nature is the opponent...

It takes half a year from planting to harvesting

After a long cultivation period, grains are brought to the table

In the meantime, weed and pest control and natural threats

The power of people who stand up is essential

Against nature that shows various expressions

Days of sweating today and tomorrow

In that "delicious"

Filled with the challenges and love of the producers


Efforts of Odagawa Farm

Introducing Odagawa Farm's official YouTube video

The process from planting to harvesting grains,

You can see tips on how to enjoy delicious grains​

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