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​About Karumai Town

Karumai Town is located in the northernmost part of Iwate Prefecture.

Adjacent to Hachinohe City and Ninohe City, it is located in a lush green basin.

Taking advantage of the cooler climate due to the altitude being higher than the surrounding area

​We produce millet, tobacco leaves, hops, etc. as our core industry.

Please take a look at the state of the town that shows various expressions from season to season.



Karumai usually thaws from late March to early AprilAround

Slowly dormant buds begin to emerge

On the riverbed of the Yukiyagawa River that runs through the town

​The cherry blossoms in full bloom heal the hearts of those who see them

From late April to mid-May

At "Yukiyagawa Dam Forist Park Karumai" in the town

About 150,000 colorful tulips

It blooms extensively to surround the windmill.


In summer, there is severe heat unique to the basin.

Events to enjoy the heat will be held in the town

The Karumai Summer Festival is held in early August.

Taiko drums and a floating dance called "Nanyadoyara"

Parade around the town and get excited

In agriculture, the harvest season for leaf tobacco is approaching.

big leavesTobacco leaves spread all over the field

LOVE0144 2.jpeg


When the ears of cereals begin to turn color

Relieves severe heat

because it is surrounded by mountains

You can also see the color of the mountain surface from within the town.

The Karumai Autumn Festival is held in mid-September.

Each team of the float group elaborately produced

Imitating old tales and ancient battlesA flashy float

Parade through the town to the accompaniment of musical accompaniment and taiko drums

Brilliantly colored light rice for Chuseok


Karumai-cho in the harsh winter season doesn't have a lot of snow.

The temperature is -15 degrees Celsiusfall belownot uncommon

​Enjoy the cold winterat this time of year

in townAround the Disaster Prevention Centerfull of squares

An event that displays illuminations

"Karmai Winter Light" will be held

Taking advantage of the scenery that shines on SNS

annual photo contestis also held

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